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Introducing E-Gripper - Your Ultimate Electronic Hand Gripper for Forearm Training

Enhance your forearm strength and elevate your fitness routine with the cutting-edge "E-Gripper." Specially designed for strength training enthusiasts, this Electronic Counting Gripper is your go-to tool for effective hand grip workouts.

Key Features:

  1. LED High-Definition Display: Experience a clear and intelligent presentation of your grip strength on the large LED screen. The E-Gripper automatically captures and displays your maximum strength value for precise tracking.

  2. Test + Exercise Two-in-One: This smart device serves dual purposes, making it ideal for entertainment, pre-exam exercises, and rehabilitation training. Seamlessly switch between testing and exercising for a versatile fitness experience.

  3. Accurate Measurement and Adjustable Grip: Achieve accurate measurements effortlessly with an easy-to-operate design. The adjustable grip distance caters to diverse user needs, allowing testing of up to 198lb / 90kg grip strength.

  4. Versatile Training Companion: The E-Gripper is more than just a fitness tool; it's a reliable exercise companion. Perfect for relieving muscle fatigue, building hand strength, and supporting grip strength training for sports enthusiasts of all levels.


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